3 Life Hacks to Save You Money Every Day

Life is expensive, but for many, it’s even more costly than it needs to be. We all deserve a luxury here and there, but it can be hard to fit these little indulgences into a tight budget. Great news: you don’t have to give them up if you learn to cut costs creatively.

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Eating and drinking out less. Having friends over rather than having a girls’ or guys’ night out. Making your morning coffee at home and packing your own lunches. These simple strategies can save you big bucks every single day, netting you more money for fun. Get the scoop further down in the article.

Save Money Every Day With These Life Hacks

Girls’ or Guys’ Night Out

If you and your friends regularly go out for drinks, you could be tossing away more money than you realize. Going out twice per month, consuming two moderately-priced mixed drinks each time, will cost you around $230 per year more than it would if you mixed them yourself. Why not cut that cost with the occasional girl’s (or guy’s) night in?

Your Daily Coffee Fix

If you’ve gotten into the habit of stopping by your local coffee house on your way to work or school, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, a cup here and there adds up to more than you’d think. Even if you get a 12-ounce drip coffee instead of an espresso drink, which can cost you over twice as much, you could be throwing away $400 each year. Instead, brew your own coffee at home, fix it exactly how you like it, and bring it with you for only about $0.18 per cup.

Sack the Lunch

Your daily lunch out might feel like a much-deserved break, but you could save huge by packing your own lunch. According to Statista, the 2015 average cost for a lunch out was $11.14. This means eating out just a couple of times each week can add up to $1043 in a year.

The average sandwich costs about a dollar to make at home. If you buy soda by the case, you can pack one in your lunch for about $0.60 a day; bulk snack-size chips will set you back another $0.30, and for only $0.60, you can add an apple. That’s a lot of food for about $2.50 a day.

If you prefer salad, you can bring an enormous Caesar salad for a fraction of what you’d pay eating out. For about $1.20 you can get a head of romaine lettuce; dressing will run you about $0.25 per serving, and croutons are about $0.40 per serving. Yes, you’ll have to spend a minute or two rinsing and chopping lettuce, but you’ll only end up spending around $1.85 a day for a nutritious and satisfying lunch.

You can’t give up everything, but even just cutting back can save you a significant amount of money every year. Think of how many ways you might put that kind of money to better use. It can take some time to break old habits, but before long, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t start sooner.