4 Super-Short Programs to Help You Get Out There and Employed in Less Time

With the high cost of college tuition and today’s demanding economy, you may have neither the time nor the money to take on a four-year college commitment. If you’re hoping to enter the workforce drastically sooner, a certificate program might be a better alternative. Several rewarding career choices are accessible through these programs, and they can have you out there and working in half the time or less.

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A certificate program can be great alternative to attending a four-year college. Some exciting fields include business management, technology studies, bookkeeping, and computer science. Learn how to get a great job in a portion of the education time.

Find Out How You Can Get Out There and Employed in Less Time Through These Super-Short Programs.

Certificate in Business Management

Programs in business management offer students the skills they need to manage a business. Applicants must be proficient in English and math, with good compositional skills. Students learn basic accounting and business law, human resources, business marketing, and supervising skills.

Those who go into business management average about $58,000 annually, but those with work experience often move on to higher-paying positions. For example, administrative services managers make closer to $86,000, while some corporate management jobs can have you bringing in six figures.

Certificate in Technology Studies

Programs in technology studies prepare students for work in fields that use or create new and emerging technologies. Those who choose this route may learn technology management, information technology, computer science, business strategy, and data modeling.

The average job in technology pays about $63,000 annually. More specialized jobs, such as information security analyst, can bring in an average of over $92,000.

Certificate in Bookkeeping

Programs in bookkeeping give students skills necessary to create financial records and budgets. Students may also learn about various tax requirements, accounts administration, or how to operate a payroll.

The average salary for a junior bookkeeper—an entry-level position—is about $35,000 annually. With some experience, however, you can work in a larger company or under an accountant as a senior bookkeeper, which makes about $50,000 annually.

Certificate in Computer Science

Programs in computer science help students develop the technical skills necessary to work in computer software. Students may learn computer programming, software installation, network security, and how to use or create databases.

A certificate in computer science can open the door for numerous opportunities including web programming and app development. Web developers can make about $71,500 per year, while application developers average about $83,000.

You don’t need to spend four or more years studying for a great job. You can be working within a year or two in a good-paying field—and since you’re taking fewer credits, you’ll also need to invest less financially to get there. With less time and money spent, you can be gaining experience and moving forward in your career in no time.