5 Flexible Career Options for Future Growth

5 Flexible Career Options for Future Growth
5 Flexible Career Options for Future Growth

As we age, our interests often change, and that can make choosing a career path feel risky. There’s no way to be sure that the career you choose today will remain what you love for life, but you can make it easier to adapt to future change and growth by choosing a flexible field. From computer science to accounting, here are five careers that will carry you through life well into the future — no matter where it takes you.

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Thinking about getting a degree, but are feeling afraid of being trapped in a single field for the rest of your life? This fear is legitimate; education is an expensive investment, and the last thing you want is to grow bored and restless over time. In this list, we’ll tell you about five of the most flexible degrees available, including computer science, business administration, psychology, communication, and accounting. These degrees make it easier to expand and grow into new careers later on if you’re craving change.

Explore the Freedom of Your Career with these Five Degree Options.

Computer Science

Due to the continuing rise of technology in our society, companies are more in need than ever of computer experts. That’s where you come in if you decide to major in the field of computer science, which is more accessible than ever with the convenience of online schooling. Computer science majors may end up working in IT, with software, social media, data, or the creation of websites. There is no shortage of careers you could enter into within this growing field.

Business Administration

Business administration is a popular field, and for good reason. It’s versatile, with potential careers in finance, marketing, and other areas. Many jobs you can pursue with a business administration degree also have high-end pay, with some management positions having median salaries of well over $100,000. Even if you decide to change your career down the road, you’re looking at high chances of long-term financial security.


You might be surprised to learn how much flexibility psychology majors have in their career paths. Understanding human behavior is crucial when working with people, meaning this field won’t lock you in as a therapist or experimental psychologist. You’ll also have additional career opportunities in social work, human resources, health, and even areas like public relations. If you’re not the type of person to stick with one job for very long, a psychology degree will help you keep your work life interesting.


A person can have an amazing talent or skill, but if that person is a poor communicator, they’ll have a hard time sharing what they have to offer with the world. For marketing and advertising campaigns, companies need people with good oral and written communication skills to help them succeed. If helping sell products isn’t your thing, communications majors also choose to become reporters, TV producers, radio producers, and social media coordinators. Whichever career you decide, your task will be to spread information out to the world.


If you’re a math whiz, you will always have a bright future in the field of accounting. You don’t always have to become an accountant, either; you can work with taxes, payroll, auditing, or financial advising, or you can go into finance and stock trading yourself and capitalize on your love of numbers. Just as with business administration, you can pursue most accounting jobs with the same Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Accounting; nearly all pay really well. Having several years of experience will help you to secure the highest paying jobs.

If you’re worried about finding yourself tied down to one job with your degree, consider these program options for their ability to set you up for growth and expansion in the future. Start your program at an online school in a field you love now, and you may open yourself up to a new land of opportunity without even stepping off your porch.