5 Surprising Ways Working Makes You a Better Person

Many people get a job to simply clock in, clock out, and get paid. This becomes the old nine-to-five; you grind to survive, and survive to grind. The only way to get ahead is by getting an education or re-skilling for a better career. We talk more about that in other articles here on the site, but what about the work you’re doing right now? Even if it isn’t exactly the most inspiring, being employed at all helps you improve your marketability and makes you a better person, too. See how further into the article.

Quick Read:
You’re feeling short on motivation. You’re underemployed, overtired, or maybe just tired of working the same job, day in and day out. Quitting just yet isn’t an option, especially if you want to go back to school to reskill; combining your income with scholarships and grants can help you get there. In the meantime, take heart; you still benefit from working, even if your job is boring. From taking good notes to developing rock-solid work ethic, keep reading to get inspired.

Every Job has Something Invaluable to Teach You About Yourself.

You Develop Good Documentation Practices

Knowing how to take good notes is invaluable when your memory fails you. You can practice note-taking skills and translating experiences into words by writing in a journal. A lot will happen during your time with any job and it’s impossible to remember every important detail a year later. Sifting through personal progress updates and events in your workplace is a great way to see how you’ve developed over time.

You Learn Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are bound to happen in the workplace due to a mixture of personalities put in stressful situations. Your coworkers are your teammates that you spend up to eight hours a day with. It’s in everyone’s best interest to find peaceful solutions, but that doesn’t always happen on its own.

Sometimes you need to take the charge to fix the situation. You may not have been involved, but an outside vantage can greatly help in heated situations. Learning how to arbitrate difficult scenarios is an invaluable skill that you can learn in the workplace.

You Learn How to Teach Other People

Few people want to get stuck with training the new guy. It may be frustrating to go over the basics again, but someone needs to do it. Mentorship programs are how our ancestors passed along knowledge, so step up and practice this tried and true skill.

Something else to consider: learning how to teach others is essential for developing good communication skills. After all, if you can’t explain something in simple terms, it’s likely that you don’t really understand it.”

You Develop Incredible Work Ethic

Everyone in your workplace is getting paid to show up and do their job. Depending on where you work, incentive to excel may be all but invisible. Going out of your way to be a good employee and do more than what’s asked will get you noticed, but it’s also a great way to be a team player and develop incredible work ethic. Consistently finding ways to stand out and get ahead of the curve can help you develop a winner’s mindset that serves you well for life.

You Become More Positive

Nearly every business expert will tell you to “fake it until you make it,” even if you don’t feel it. There’s a good reason for this mindset; it works!

Try to leave your mental baggage at the door when you come to work, even if you’re feeling terrible. It’s easy to drag everyone else down if you’re blatant about having a bad day. Those feelings will pass with time in most cases.

Learning to compartmentalize can help you better cope with stress. When you arrive, take a few minutes for yourself, some deep breaths, and leave your problems at the door. Focus on what you can to make the rest of your day easier instead of self-pity.

You’re still in the same, boring, 9-to-5 job. Maybe it’s your third or fourth year, or maybe you just started. Either way, you know you don’t want this to be your entire future, but you aren’t sure how to change. Going back to school and finishing your degree is by far the best approach. Explore your options and make it happen so you can make more money, enjoy life, and work a job you truly love.