7 Slick Ways to Save Money While Having Fun

Looking to entertain your entire family without holding back on all the fun? One of the best strategies is to find innovative and cheap activities that keep everyone fulfilled. From visiting local parks to using a coupon savings book, there’s many options. Here are seven ways to save money on entertainment without skimping on fun!

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Sometimes, it feels really challenging to find quality, inexpensive entertainment that doesn’t break the bank. But there are options to help you reduce costs without limiting fun at the same time. Cut costs by taking advantage of free or low-cost activities instead. Read on to learn a few exciting ways to keep more cash in your wallet.

Keep Date Night or Family Excursions Fun Without Breaking Your Budget.

1. Check out Local Park Activities

One hidden treasure that many people overlook is their local community or state park. There are a lot of activities and resources to tap into, such as:

  • Disc golf
  • Birdwatching
  • Nature preserves
  • Outdoor concerts and movies
  • Horseshoes
  • Picnic areas
  • Swimming, boating and fishing

Most park admission is free, although there may be a small fee to get into a few select parks. In addition, most activities are low-cost or free.

2. Utilize Matinees

Take advantage of matinees to watch new, big-screen movies or stage shows. Most have a lower entry fee, letting you cut costs without sacrificing fun. You’ll save a few dollars per ticket and have extra cash left over to buy popcorn and candy.

3. Grab a Coupon Book

    1. For entertainment, there are several things to do locally. Local organizations often sell coupon books as a way to promote low-cost activities at local businesses. Take advantage of this cost savings to access your favorite venues without paying the usual high fees. Some of the most common coupons found within these booklets include steep savings on:

      • Bowling
      • Attending festivals
      • Going to a wine and canvas class
      • Comedy clubs and other forms of live entertainment
      • Zoo or aquarium visits

A coupon book can provide a significant cost savings throughout the year on some of your favorite entertainment venues.

4. Try Camping

Whether you have a family of five, or it’s just the two of you looking for a getaway, camping is a great way to escape stress. You can always camp in your backyard or a friend’s woods for free. You can also rough it with a tent, rent a cabin, or take a camping trailer with you to a local campground. While campgrounds aren’t free, they offer affordable amenities and activities such as bike trails, beaches, parades and community game nights.

5. Visit Indoor Water Parks on the off Season

If your family loves to be near or in the water, consider visiting a nearby indoor water park. It’s true that admission and an overnight stay in an attached hotel can be pricey, but you can cut costs by visiting at off-peak times. Booking a weeknight stay or going during the summer, when most people are at the beach, can slash the total cost.

6. Sporting Event Savings

Everyone loves a good football game. Getting tickets to your favorite college game can throw off your budget because it can be pricey, especially during final season games. Select a game where your team plays a non-rival. Games that take place during the week may also be cheaper, too. Don’t forget about your local junior high or high school football teams where admission is cheaper than pricier college or professional tickets.

7. Buy a Vacation Bundle

Keeping your family entertained on vacation can be a pricey challenge. To get maximum cost savings, consider booking a vacation bundle. Pick and choose from extras on the following list to create a vacation you love that doesn’t hurt your wallet:

      • Hotel, flight, car rental or shuttle service
      • Amusement park tickets with early or extended hours to beat the crowds
      • Swimming with dolphins
      • Meal discounts

Picking the packages you like most, gives you a cheaper rate on activities you were planning on enjoying, anyway.

Keeping everyone entertained doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little frugal sleuthing, you can reduce costs and find low-cost or free activities that are fun for everyone. Money is great. Quality time with the people you love? That’s worth so much more.

~Here’s to Your Success!