Get Paid for Your Opinion – Here’s How

Get Paid for Your Opinion - Here’s How

Everyone has an opinion, right? Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to share how you really feel? The good news is there are opportunities available through companies who are dying to hear what you have to say about their product or service. Constructive feedback helps build up a reputation and expand a company brand. It also boosts customer insight as they read a review and ultimately decide if they’ll buy the product. You can capitalize on this, get paid for your opinion and make some extra cash along the way with this easy-peasy guide.

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A penny for your thoughts? While this is just an adage, you can actually trade your opinion and expertise in for cold hard cash! With a little skill and ingenuity, become a trusted source that companies will want to pay you for your valued opinion. Read more to get the inside details!

Learn More about Getting Paid for Your Valued Opinion

Take Surveys and Earn Cash

When searching for ways to make a little extra cash online, you’re bound to see an advertisement for getting paid to take a survey. After entering your demographics, family data and various lifestyle preferences, the company will match you up with relevant surveys. Not only do you talk about things you like and dislike based on personal opinion, you can also write small reviews about products you’ve used in the past. Share your opinion on things like medications and personal care products as well as popular grocery store food brands. Some popular survey sites include Opinion Outpost, Survey Junkie and YouGov.

Get Paid for Writing Book Reviews  

Love reading books by the newest up-and-coming authors? There are companies out there that will pay you to write an honest review. Give your opinion and feedback about books in your favorite genre and earn money! Read and review through an e-reader or PDF file, but some publishers will send you an actual book. Check out reputable sites like Kirkus Reviews and UpWork which hires freelancers through an easy-to-navigate platform.

Share Input on Your Favorite Products

Spend a lot of time on social media talking about a new lipstick? How about a cool gardening gadget you bought? If so, why not get paid for sharing your product opinion with others? Companies are looking for reliable and organized individuals who are comfortable sharing videos, photos and writing reviews about popular products. If you think you have what it takes, just apply. Some companies require that you have a YouTube account and a hefty social media following. If you have your own blog with a following you will appeal more to companies looking for reviewers with an online presence. Sites like Software Judge, will pay you up to $50.00 to review software and specific apps.

Mystery Shopping

Companies want to know how their business stands from a customer’s perspective. The only way to get that kind of data and feedback is to hire a mystery shopper to engage in common customer activities. Once you sign on to a reputable mystery shopping company, like, you’ll enter your demographics and related experience. You’ll need to possess good observation skills and be able to write an informative and opinionated review about the establishment you’ll be visiting. One example may be visiting a movie theater to observe cleanliness and how often staff visits the theater during the show. You’ll be reimbursed for the cost of the ticket plus your fee for completing a review. After several completed assignments and well-written opinions, expect to generate a decent monthly profit.

Contrary to what your mom always told you, keeping your opinion to yourself isn’t always a good thing. Sharing your thoughts and expertise can earn you serious cash! Hone in on one task or combine several to generate a part-time income in your free time!

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