How to Design Your Life Before Someone Else Does

How to Design Your Life Before Someone Else Does


Properly balancing work and life is one of the most difficult challenges people face in the modern world. Often, an overall lack of satisfaction and fulfillment stems from failing to properly design your life. People often grow into early adulthood and just kind of go with the flow… which kind of sounds good in theory, but ultimately can lead you to living a life someone else thinks is right for you. Why not live a life YOU love instead? Here’s how.

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The average career path just isn’t giving people the same fulfillment it once did. As the world evolves and grows, people are demanding more work-life balance and satisfaction from the work they do, too. If you’re feeling like your life is a little out of control, this article will help to confirm why that may be happening (and what you can do about it).

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Typical Career Paths aren’t Fulfilling

There’s a stereotypical image that comes to mind when most people think of accountants, programmers and other desk jobs. Show up at nine, leave at five, have a boring commute, enjoy the occasional small paid vacation every year and casual Fridays. This defines the average American desk job. The job itself isn’t terrible, but most people don‘t really enjoy the time they spend working. Besides, there’s just not much room for personal fulfillment.

Dissecting an average workday reveals little time for activities outside of work. The job already eats up at least 10 hours per day or more; this includes working, commuting, and work-related activities. Hobbies are hard to commit to, let alone attempting to have a balanced family life. The typical career isn’t compatible with a fulfilling personal and family life.

Is Outside Help the Issue?

The average career path doesn’t change a whole lot, despite the discontentment of those within it. Corporate and governmental entities aren’t in the business of limiting their scope or losing man hours with their workforces. That’s not to say corporations and government are evil or sinister; they’re looking out for their own interests.

So, how do you shift your lifestyle to something fulfilling when the status quo doesn’t want to change? You need to stop allowing other people to design your life. It’s possible to create a life you are more than content with if you take responsibility for it.

Your Ideal Life won’t Fit into One Day

Designing a life is more involved than cramming in everything that makes you happy into one day. It’s not possible to get everything you want at once, so you need to be realistic and spread out your vision. Ask yourself what an ideal week or month looks like for you. Consider how your family plans, hobbies, projects and social groups fit into your perfect life.

Thinking about your long-term vision is essential. With that said, don’t pin your dream life on your retirement and miss out on the years leading up to then. Life is too short to attempt o make a perfect retirement plan without enjoying everything else.

Real Balance is the Key

Balance is essential to designing your ideal life, though it’s easier said than done. Balancing your life is more than just offsetting what you feel is missing. You may not get much exercise with a desk job, but going to the gym alone won’t solve all of your problems.

There are multiple aspects to consider when balancing your life. Intellectual pursuits are often lacking in the workplace, as is emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Additionally, you need not change your life by filling in the gaps. Focus on the small things that bring more to the areas you’re lacking in. Building a life is more about fine-tuning than it is cycling through endless foundational blueprints.

Ultimately, when humans are struggling with motivation, they’re usually lacking a thoughtful definition of what’s missing in life. It isn’t an easy task to discover your deepest desires, but it’s worthwhile and necessary. You can change your nine to five workdays, and society at large, by committing to define and pursue what you truly want out of life.