How to Set (And Meet) Realistic Goals

Do you find it difficult to get what you want out of life? Everyone has goals, but sometimes they seem just out of reach. In this post, you’ll learn how to set realistic goals that you can achieve without feeling overwhelmed.

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Fulfilling your goals isn’t as hard as you may believe. The pieces fall into place once you find something that motivates you, make clearly defined and realistic goals, and set a timeframe around them. Read more to discover exactly how to do this and accomplish anything you want.

Struggling with goals? Here’s How to Shoot for the Stars!

Find Something That Motivates You

Have you tried committing to a goal that you have a hard time believing in? Maybe it’s working five days a week or simply a school paper that doesn’t interest you. Doing the school paper is easier because it’s a one-time thing. Forcing yourself to do something against your will, on the other hand, slowly burns out your long-term motivation.

Think about what you want to accomplish and why you want it before setting your goals. Find something in your project that interests you to avoid burnout. Following your new goal through is a breeze when you have some personal stake in it.

Write It Down

Write down your goals once you’ve formulated them in your mind. Numerous studies show that physically writing stuff down on paper is an important part of learning information. Then, you can look at the piece of paper every day to keep them at the forefront of your thoughts. Written goals become ingrained in your brain and easier to turn into reality.

Be Specific

You can have a loose idea of what you want or a general idea of where you’re going in your head. That’s fine for formulating and refining your ideas, but they can’t stay vague forever. Keep refining your goals and be as specific as possible. Giving your goals more structure and detail makes them easier to achieve. Now you have a clear definition of what actions you need to take to arrive at your destination.

Make Your Goals Attainable

Most kids want to become astronauts, but how realistic is it for every child? The same concept applies to any goal you set for yourself. Refine your desires and don’t make them overwhelming and impossible to reach. Make them tangible, practical, and realistic. Then, you can dream big and shoot for the stars while you achieve those realistic goals.

Set a Timeframe

Making your goals practical and attainable is essential to realizing them. Next, you should set a time limit to reach your goals. This will greatly help you accomplish them as it makes them more realistic. Now you can develop steps to take every day to reach that goal instead of being unsure of where to begin. Time can be intimidating until you find a way to work with it.

Following these steps will help you turn your dreams into a reality. Clearly defining your goals helps you know exactly what actions you need to take. Then, it’s a matter of turning those actions into habit. You’ll be halfway towards your goal before you realize it when you’re realistic and consistent with yourself.

~Here’s to Your Success