How to Think Positive When Life Sucks

How to Think Positive When Life Sucks

Have you ever been so frustrated that you felt like screaming? Everyone goes through those times. It may last a day or year, but the truth is, it wears you down. How can you possibly look on the bright side when your life is a series of thunderstorms? Think positive! It’s easier said than done, but we’ll help you.

Changing your way of thinking is a sure way to change things for the better when the situation is outside your control. When life sucks, a positive outlook will help you power through and move past bad situations like a boss! Find out how to get that positive outlook and apply it to stressful situations. Can’t change the sitch? Change the way you see it.

Everything is Going Wrong

Everyone has bad days, but sometimes it seems as if nothing will ever go right again. That’s when you slip into the “life sucks” state of mind. Sure, you could just wallow and fret about things, but you might be surprised at how quickly looking at situations differently can help you turn everything around and get your life on track. When everything is going wrong, and life sucks, your mindset is the first step to making it better.

Find the Good

When I think of life sucking, it takes me back to when my husband was diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease. Our lives changed permanently, and not in a good way. I was worried about his health, our financial state and trying to work while attending his appointments and dialysis. On top of that, I was being tested to donate a kidney. To say we spent our lives on the run is an understatement.

There wasn’t enough time in a whole week, much less in a day to get all the things done. I was stressed, miserable and not sleeping. So, where was the good in that situation?

It can sometimes be hard to find the good when life sucks.

I was grateful for our friends and family, for dialysis keeping him alive and for the possibility of being able to give him a kidney. And even when money was ridiculously tight, we had our home and each other. That may seem like very few good things when faced with all we were going through, but it was a start.

Positivity is a Superpower!

Of course, not every bad time in life is going to be that drastic. Let’s look at a typical, everyday situation. What if you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s fed up with her kids not listening, the house being a mess and her spouse not being appreciative? Turn on your superpower and replace that frustration with positive thinking. Even if all you feel is a little more positive, it beats that frustrated, stuck feeling, doesn’t it?

This isn’t to say that thinking positive is going to make the issues go away. But it may allow you to feel better while you cope. You could throw up your hands, scream at the kids, slam doors and yell at your spouse, but that isn’t going to make the situation better. Actually, that sort of behavior will make everyone feel bad and could make the situation much worse.

How you deal with your challenges is about how you look at them. I know you’re glad you have kids (most of the time) and grateful you have a home. But what else? Move out of the obvious and think about how glad you are for those soft sheets or the music that spurred a dance party. Practicing positivity can be difficult, I’m not gonna lie. Especially when things suck. But even when life sucks, you can find a few small things to be thankful for, and from there you can move out into a positive thought. Even if it starts with “I like my knees” you’re on the way to looking for the good.