“I’m Not Good at Anything” and Other Lies You Tell Yourself

“I’m Not Good at Anything” and Other Lies You Tell Yourself

We all have that inner voice that reflects personal fears and self-doubt, and at times it can be a destructive force. What you tell yourself can be just as powerful as the choices you make, although the two often go hand in hand. The lies you tell yourself could be holding you back, so isn’t it time you tossed them aside for good?

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When you tell yourself lies like “I’m not good at anything,” “I won’t succeed” and “Good things only happen to other people,” you’re setting yourself up to fail. Turn negative self-talk into positive action and start building toward your own personal success. Look in greater depth at the lies you tell yourself by checking out the article below.

Here’s How to Get Honest and Become Your Own Best Friend.

“I’m Not Good at Anything”

Each of us is a unique addition to the world, with skills and interests that are just as varied. Just because you might not be able to sing like Lady Gaga or solve equations like Einstein, that doesn’t mean you don’t have something valuable to offer. Make sure you’re being true to you, forging your path and nobody else’s. You might be so focused on what you see others accomplishing around you, you’re forgetting to look within for your own direction.

Also, consider how much time and energy you’ve spent developing your skills. Some people might have more innate ability than others, but no one is born a master at anything. If you want to improve at something, practice doing it. Instead of telling yourself you’re no good, offer a kind affirmation: “If I practice long enough, I can master this.”

“I Won’t Succeed, So Why Bother Trying?”

Many people fail because they give up before they’ve allowed themselves any real chance at succeeding.

One of the most damaging lies you can tell yourself is that you’re either a failure or a success. In truth, you’re a combination of both, and it’s that combo that builds you into the person you need to be.

If you allow fear of failure to keep you from trying, you’ll never learn from your mistakes, which means you’ll never improve your skills. Instead of setting yourself up to fail, give yourself a gentle reminder: “Each failure is a stepping stone toward my future success. I only fail if I give up.”

“Good Things Only Happen to Other People”

It’s easy to look at others’ accomplishments and feel left out in the cold. We all suffer unlucky breaks, but that doesn’t mean the scales are perpetually tipped. Good things happen to people who make them happen. Instead of watching the world pass you by, see the possibilities: “I will make good things for myself.”

Don’t allow negative self-talk to have the final word. Learn to be kind to yourself, encouraging rather than inhibiting. The lies are doing you no good, so replace them with some solid goals and a new mantra: “I’ve got this.”