Rid Your Thought Clutter Before It’s Too Late

Rid Your Thought Clutter Before It's Too Late

Are your thoughts constantly weighing you down? Your headspace is too valuable to succumb to overwhelming negativity and trivial thoughts. Get rid of the clutter that’s bogging you down before it takes over your life with these tried and true methods.

Quick Read:
Destroying the gunk that’s clogging your brain takes some time, but you can make a powerful start right now. Structure and stability is the best way to clear your mind. You can start by letting go of negativity, organizing your spaces, setting priorities, and lowering your intake of media. We’ll show you the ins and outs of these mind-clearing techniques and how to apply them to your life.

Here’s How to Vanquish Your Mental Clutter Super-Fast:

Let Go

Everyone has their own stressors, fear and self-doubt to deal with on a daily basis. How often do you find yourself worrying about the wrongdoings in your life? You may discover that you’re spending a significant portion of your day mulling them over.

Allowing your thoughts to linger on the negative aspects of your life distracts you from the worthwhile parts of it. Practice letting go of the negativity within you and turn your focus onto something positive. One method is to step away from the situation and take deep breaths, focusing only on your breath. Accept that rough times fall upon everyone; it’s just a matter of time before the moment passes and you’re doing something more enjoyable. Do away with everything in your headspace bringing you down to become a happier and more positive person.

Keep Your Spaces Organized

It sounds cliche, but a well-organized home is required for a well-organized life. Meticulously cleaning everything and having zero dirty dishes at any given time isn’t what we’re talking about. Take some time to clean up your home, and you’ll remove another distraction for your mind to wander to. Replace “this room is so unorganized that I can barely walk” to “what am I doing tomorrow?” Don’t forget to clean your digital spaces, too — especially your email.


A wandering mind is often an unhappy mind. Having your brain filled with negative thoughts makes it easier for your mind to latch onto them when it’s drifting. An excellent way to combat this trend is to set priorities on your list of problems to solve. Doing so will help you to keep your mind off of trivial matters and negative thoughts.

The top of your list should include the big questions about your life. What you value, your aspirations, where you want to end up in 10 years, and your ideal living conditions are a few to start off with. Then, you can decide how much time you spend answering these questions and creating a plan to achieve your goals. Your goals will change over time, but it’s better to start somewhere than to wander nowhere.

Cut Down on Media

Browsing through social media is a significant distraction. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll just check your updates for five minutes before you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and wasted hours. Take a mindful approach to social media to actively track your time spent there, and take steps to replace social media time with brain decluttering time.

Social media isn’t the only culprit that’s eating at your time. TV, Netflix, video games and YouTube are only a fraction of media sources that are rarely-beneficial, seriously-distracting media sources out there. All can hamper your efforts when you’re trying to improve yourself. Taking a break from life is beneficial, but don’t let that “short break” turn into days of binge-watching a show.

The type of media you consume matters as well, so avoid as much negativity as you can. Stick to more informative sources as much as possible to turn whatever brain clutter you have into something useful. Try to avoid focusing on the doom and gloom news stories; stick to more light-hearted topics or brain games to keep your mind sharp.

Removing clutter from your mind is a lot like cleaning house. Your goal is to remove as much filthiness and negativity from your brain. Your brain can only do the heavy lifting needed to tackle important issues when it’s unimpeded by the little things. Clear your mind before you’re weighed down by the clutter.

~Here’s to Your Success!