Small Goals Getting You Nowhere? Try This …

Small Goals Getting You Nowhere? Try This ...

When it comes to goal setting, most will tell you that small goals are best. But what if those small goals aren’t getting you anywhere? What if they’re leaving you uninspired? If you’ve been setting small, manageable goals but not getting anywhere, I’ve got an idea for you. A dream goal may be just the thing to help you break through.

Set small goals is the usual advice, but the Locke/Latham Theory proposes that large goals are more motivating, which may make you perform better. Not only that, audacious goals force you to develop powerful habits in reaching for those goals and that will ultimately get you further than you ever thought possible. Continue reading to learn more about this kind of powerful goal setting.

Goals should make you want to get out of bed in the morning. They should excite you. If your current goals aren’t doing that, trade them in for something larger. The Locke/Latham Theory proposes that people who set large, difficult goals perform better than those who set small goals. Why? The more ambitious and exciting the goal, the more motivated you will be to achieve it.

The truth is, boring and mundane objectives get pushed aside very quickly. A dream goal, on the other hand, will be at the forefront of your mind and in your fantasies day in and day out. That type of focus and motivation is just what you need to make your goals a reality.

Dream Goals Make You Powerful

It takes powerful habits to attain a large goal. Even if you don’t hit your ultimate target, you will be forced along the way to pick up certain behaviors and beliefs that will make you a more successful, powerful person for the rest of your life.

The phenomenon behind this is called neuroplasticity. At its most basic, this theory refers to brain changes that occur after environmental feedback. When you’re successful at something or get a win, your brain records it for future use. Your brain will continue to recall those successful habits in your future, which will lead to greater and better outcomes down the line, too.

Dream Goals Push You down the Road

“When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.” – Leo Burnett

When you set a large goal, there’s always the chance you won’t attain it. On the flip side, you will almost certainly be farther down the road than when you started. Large goals help you keep your eyes on the prize while keeping your feet free of the daily minutiae of the smaller goals. And you know, you may surprise yourself by how far you can actually go if you put your mind and energy into it — so why set a near limit when a far one is so much more enticing?