These Foods Might Be Costing You Jobs

These foods Might be Costing You Jobs

Choosing what you’re going to eat today is more than a matter of convenience or personal taste. What you eat determines how you’re going to perform, and you need to perform well to keep your job. Understanding what foods will cost you your job is crucial to your long-term success, so we’ll show you what to avoid.

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Foods that taste good aren’t always good for you. There are a few food categories that will shatter your chances of success if you rely on them too much. Sweets, convenience food, high-carb food, and alcohol are the key suspects. This list of what to avoid sounds very limiting, but it’s in your best interest to avoid consuming them on a regular basis. We’ll explain how and why these foods might be costing you your job.

Your Job Is More Important than These Harmful Foods.


You may love to snack on your sweet snacks, deserts, or chocolates. Your parents likely told you that too many sweets will spoil your appetite. Sugary foods spike your blood sugar levels, which gives you the illusion of not being hungry. So, what’s wrong with having a small sugar snack to provide you with a burst of energy?

Sugary snacks do interfere with your appetite, but they’re more sinister than that, even in small amounts. You get hungry when your blood sugar level drops to a certain degree. Sweets throw off your blood sugar levels and prevent them from staying at a consistent level throughout the day. This is why you might be hungry every few hours no matter what you eat.

Eating healthy is required to perform consistently and avoid giving into cravings. Being hungry all day distracts you from your work, which leads to poor performance and potentially losing your job. You only get so many meal breaks at a job, so you need to make them count.

Convenience food

Fast food is notoriously bad for you, but sometimes it’s hard to resist the urge. Maybe you’re too tired to cook at home or forgot to grab breakfast on the way out the door. Stopping at your favorite fast food joint might be a bandaid, but it’s a low-quality bandaid at best.

Some foods in your home fall under this category as well. Microwavable meals, most canned foods, and even cereal aren’t ideal to rely on for sustenance every day. These types of foods are poor sources of energy, even though they’re easy to prepare. They’re also filled with food preservatives and other chemicals your body doesn’t like. You need a healthy body to be a good employee, so you should try to avoid convenience foods as much as possible.

High-Carb Food

Foods chock-full of carbohydrates aren’t reliable sources of energy, either. Carbo-loading before a marathon or an intense workout session is appropriate. Eating pasta on a regular basis, on the other hand, takes a toll on your health and blood sugar levels. You’ll crash just as hard from eating too many carbs as you would eating too many sweets because your body turns carbs into sugars.


There’s a time and a place for alcohol, much like high-carb foods. A small glass of wine every day can assist with cardiovascular health. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a glass here and there while you unwind and have a good time with your friends.

What you shouldn’t do is drink the night before work or a job interview. Your body needs the energy to recover from a night of drinking, and not to mention the effects on your state of mind. Drinking too much puts you out of your element, which could cost you your job.

Your body is like your vehicle: neglecting it will make it break down faster, costing you more in repairs every few months. Giving it what it needs to run well keeps it in tip-top shape. Avoiding bad foods is essential to good health, and that’s a must for keep your job (which is what puts food on the table in the first place). You can get a new car, but you only have one body.

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