What Your Clothing Is Doing to Your Success

What Your Clothing is Doing to Your Success

It might seem superficial, but most people are going to judge you on on your appearance. Your wardrobe can say a lot about you, and believe it or not, it can even affect numerous aspects of your life. Your clothing choices could even be hindering your success – especially if you aren’t considering these important factors.

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Your choice in clothing affects how others view you, reflects how you view yourself and can even change how you behave, all of which can affect your success. For a deeper look at what your clothing is doing to your success, see the full article.

Is Your Clothing Affecting Your Ability to Succeed? We Reveal the Truth!

What Others View

How do you perceive a person dressed in a sharp business suit versus someone wearing baggy jeans and a torn tee shirt? The clothes you choose can create an image worth a thousand words. One study showed even a person’s choice in shoes could reveal valuable information about their age and income. Consider the impression you’re creating with each piece of your attire. Does it match the image you want to be creating for yourself? If not, you have work to do to make a change.

How You View Yourself

Your choice in style can say a lot about how you view yourself. Someone who goes out in frumpy sweat suits might not feel they’re worth the extra effort it takes to look their best, or they could be trying to hide a part of themselves. This can be the hallmark of depression or issues with body image. When you take time on your appearance, you’re saying you take pride in yourself. Consider what your clothing choices could be telling you about yourself.

How You View Your Day

Research has shown clothing can influence your behavior. In one study, participants were given the choice to wear formal or casual clothes, and then both sets of groups were interviewed and the responses compared. The people who chose to wear formal attire consistently responded using more formal language, suggesting the clothing choices may have affected their behavior. Other research has shown people dressed in business attire behave more confidently and feel more authoritative than their poorly dressed counterparts.

Whether consciously or not, you’re choosing your image each day when selecting your clothes. What effects do you think those choices are making on other aspects of your life? Try improving your look for a week or two, carefully choosing each outfit down to the shoes and accessories, and see what else changes. It could open more doors than you think.

~ Here’s to Your Success!