Yes, You Can Make a Living in Your Pajamas

Yes, You Can Make a Living in Your Pajamas
Yes, You Can Make a Living in Your Pajamas

So, you’re thinking of going back to school. Congratulations! You’re taking the first step to an incredible new career that will make you more money and provide you with even better stability. The problem, of course, is the fact that you still need to survive in the meantime. In this guide, we’ll teach you five incredible ways to make money – from home and in your pajamas after or before class.

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Struggling to determine how you’ll survive while going to school? Here’s the secret fix: you can work from home – or even from school – from these incredible websites. Improve your financial status, get more spending cash, and create resume-worthy experiences for after graduation. Each of these premium digital locations fill up their registers fast, so jump in now and get informed.

You Don’t Have to Starve Just to Go To School. Use These Quick Fix Sites and Gain Financial Freedom!

Fancy Hands

Love helping people? Feel confident around office equipment? Join Fancy Hands and work as a Virtual Assistant for thousands of American businesses and professionals all across the country. You will be responsible for helping people complete relatively simple tasks they just don’t have time for, including finding a car service, calling a cab, scheduling appointments, or even setting and delivering wake-up calls, reminders, and meeting times.

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

MTurk is Amazon’s answer to client crowdsourcing needs. It serves as a platform where individuals, businesses, organizations, and even other students can post microtasks, like surveys and photo assessments. Workers, called “Turkers,” can then apply for and complete tasks based on their own unique skill sets.

Most MTurk sites don’t pay that much – often just a few cents, especially when starting out. But well-established workers who know how to find the best-paying options can often make as much as $10 an hour or even more.


Cambly is an English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring platform that lets you step into the role of teacher and help kids or adults learn to speak English. You set your own hours, take on only the jobs you want, and work entirely freelance with the support of the platform to protect your potential income.

Cambly claims to have clients from all over the world, including Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Russia. If you’re bilingual, you do have the option to work within your identified languages. But you don’t need to be bilingual to teach; you just have to be patient and willing to help.


Love talking to people? Call center and customer service rep work can be a powerful way to boost your income; it also makes an excellent addition to a resume. But not every college student has enough time to work in a brick and mortar center. Arise makes it easy to work these jobs from home on your set preferred hours, letting you create your own schedule based on when you go to school.

Arise is also an excellent choice for a few other reasons: they’re well-known, highly supportive of freelancers, and allow you to work on-the-spot overtime if you need extra cash. The only catch is that most programs have set minimum weekly hours.

Did you know that you can also study for most college and university programs from home, too? Take control of your now and your future and discover flexible learning.