Is Your Passion is Someone Else’s Career?

Your Passion is Someone Else’s Career

Somewhere out there, someone else is turning their passion into a career and making a decent living at it. You too can turn your passion for writing, gardening or animals into your dream career! Hone your best skills and put them to work. Here’s how.

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There’s someone out there right now doing what you love and getting paid for it. What are you passionate about? Use your skills to transform your career! Others are doing it, and so can you! Learn how to turn your true passion into an income that can help you reach your financial goals!

It’s Time To Turn Your Favorite Interests Into Your Career!

A True Artist

Do you enjoy doodling on scrap paper every now and then or are you serious about the art you create? If you’ve taken a few art classes in school and enjoyed it, there may be a career in it for you. Take your expertise to the next level by getting a degree in fine arts and branching out from there. Some ideas include:

  • Photographer
  • Animator
  • Printmaker
  • Illustrator
  • Teacher

People with true artistic vision find themselves thriving in their positions at newspapers, magazine companies and other media establishments, and you can too! Private companies or corporations hire people with a creative drive who can demonstrate fresh ideas through art. Build your portfolio and start applying.

Video Gamer Phenom

People who play video games say they could see themselves getting paid to game. Some actually make a career out of designing and developing software and games. If you have a knack and vision for video game ideation, why not make it your job? Being a part of a video game development team allows you to choose from careers like:

  • Coding specialist
  • Video game software developer
  • Entry-level designer
  • Audio artist

The average gaming developer/designer makes around $64,000 annually. Being a team player and having a strong creative vision can help you launch into a gaming career.

Passionate About Pet Rescue

You are more than just a pet lover, you really want to help those in need. Some people are already utilizing their devotion to pets to earn a living. Why can’t you? It takes a special person with patience and drive to devote their time into saving and helping a lost furry soul. If you have that drive, a job helping pets may be your true calling.

Careers in pet rescue and care are abundant. Running a non-profit rescue is a rewarding way to help pets. If you are looking for a stable income with benefits, try a veterinarian assistant or animal control officer. Both work closely with pet rescue organizations.

Crazy Plant Lady

If you frequently get complimented on how nice your gardens look or you take garden art and design to a whole new level in your yard, put your expertise to work. Turn your love and passion for plants and gardening into a full-time career. Many garden lovers have turned their love for plants into something they get paid to do everyday! A botanist, master gardener and horticulturist are careers that require training, but if you already love to garden, you’re on the right path. They don’t call you the crazy plant lady for nothing!

The Family Musician

Have you always been able to pick up the guitar or sit at the piano and play a fast tune by ear? Get your talent out there! Many people started off small in the music biz but worked their way up to get paid to entertain. The true test is to play in front of others and take in critical feedback. Start small and local. Try out for festivals and events that have open mic availability. Who knows, like other musicians, you could find your big break!

Whatever you’re passionate about could be your ticket to a career change. If others are doing what you love, you can too!  Don’t let someone else live your dream. Get out there and put your expertise to work.

~Here’s to Your Success