Cancer Horoscope

May 8, 2021… New friends could feature in the lives of Cancers today. If you have a chance to bring someone new into your inner circle, even if it has to stay virtual for now, have fun with it! Shake up your routine and step off the well-worn path of your daily life so that you’re more likely to meet people who challenge and intrigue you. So, if you can get on out there and meet some people today, jump on the chance. You could meet someone who changes the course of your life.

Today’s Soul Advice: Throughout our lives, we have to make many choices, and there are plenty of then that we may feel the need to regret. Starting today, do not regret your decisions. After all, any direction you’ve selected was the best thing you could think to do at the time, and that’s all anyone can ask of you. Your learning experiences aren’t meant for regret, but celebration.