Gemini Horoscope

Aug 11, 2020… Geminis could turn to a loved one for advice today. Are you feeling stuck? The vibe will be right to do something about it. Reach out to someone — family, someone in your social circles or even a therapist if your personal status is currently alone. They can offer healthy advice as well as an ear for listening. The support you can get from those closest to you can brighten your day and make you feel incredibly loved.

Today’s Soul Advice: Naysayers will neigh until long after the cows have returned home. Realizing this will help you figure out how best to deal with the doubters in your life. You might choose to brawl with them, though this will probably just cause unnecessary trouble. You might instead make it your life goal to prove them all wrong. The happiest route, though, may simply be to train your ears to tune out the naysayers and just live your life listening to your heart.