Gemini Horoscope

May 8, 2021… Geminis could be conflicted about what they want in their lives today. If you come to a crossroad, it won’t be about what’s going on around you so much as what’s on your mind. What’s your ultimate destination — the light at the end of your personal tunnel? If you don’t have one, today’s vibe will be urging you to turn it on. Evaluate your options, commit to a solution, and outline the steps you need to take so you can see a clear path ahead of you.

Today’s Soul Advice: Inevitably, our actions attract like-minded people to us. After all, people find comfort in that which is familiar. Thus, when we make daily strides to stay positive and act kindly, we will often find ourselves surrounded by a party of optimistic, warmhearted humans. The love you put out there is contagious.